FREE Reading Workshop (for Parents)

3 Reading Strategies that will help your child read (and LOVE it!)

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In this FREE workshop we will be covering:  

3 EASY phonics strategies

You can use these strategies with your kids time and time again!

Struggling Readers 

What to do if if you have a struggling reader. We're in this together :) 

Solutions for busy parents! 

QUICK reading strategies that take less than 10 minutes a day! 

You need this FREE workshop if.... 

What are you waiting for?! I want to help you! 

Hey, I'm Kaley and My Mission Is To Help You improve your child's reading and thrive academically.

I'm a Literacy specialist, Kindergarten teacher and a momma to 4 young kids. I'm also an extremely awkward dancer but that's never stopped me before ;-) 

I help parents improve their child's reading + thrive academically with simple, easy activities that do NOT take a long time to do! 

I cannot wait to share these awesome READING strategies with you! See you soon! xx

Hey parents, I see you. I am here for you. I am you too :) 

Can we just be real here for a minute and appreciate how crazy the times are right now. I'm home with all 4 of my kids (ages 1.5-8) and it's not easy. Part of what makes me, me, is teaching. I LOVE helping kids and their parents feel empowered and successful. I was thinking about what I would want as a parent right now and it's this. A free workshop that will not only give me a few more strategies that I can use with my child to help improve their reading, but it is also a place where you can feel at home. No judgment. Knowing we're all in this together. I'm so excited about this workshop and I hope to see you there! xx - Kaley 

"Kaley gave my son everything he was missing. Prior to grade one, he was really overwhelmed and falling behind in his reading skills. His confidence was dwindling. Once he found Kaley, he began to find success. Kaley made reading fun in creative and supportive ways. As a mother of 3 it isn’t always easy to find the time and the patience to sit with them but Kaley gave me strategies to make the process smooth for both of us! He was learning to read within a few short weeks.  My son is now in grade 3 and still remembers Kaley with fondness!"

Super Happy Momma + Son

***Please note that if you cannot make either of those times, I encourage you to sign up anyways, so that you can get the replay! *****